Plenty Design Coop is a group of designers and craftsmen in Birmingham Alabama building different things. We build because we are driven by the dream of the excellent and of the useful and of the true.

Andrew Thomson studied Industrial Design at Auburn University. He worked five years as an industrial designer for PUSH Product Design in Birmingham AL. He currently practices graphic design at Lewis Communications in Birmingham, AL. Andrew designs and builds furniture for Plenty Design Coop.

Jared Fulton studied architecture at Harvard University and Auburn University. He is an alumni of the Rural Studio where he designed and built Antioch Baptist Church.  Jared has worked at Rick Joy Architects, Kyu Sung Woo Architects, Slaughter Group and currently works for Christopher Architecture & Interiors in Birmingham AL. Growing up in Rural Alabama, Jared has learned to make things that are resourceful, minimal and influenced by his surroundings, which is prevalent in his furniture designs.

Justin Collier studied architecture at Auburn University and currently works for Christopher Architecture & Interiors in Birmingham, Alabama. A passion for detail and fabrication was established at an early age by his grandfather, a master welder in Montgomery. He believes in design that is hyper-intentional and thoughtfully considered. Justin builds furniture and leads CNC fabrication efforts for Plenty Design Coop.